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Adjust the feed mechanism to improve the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe.

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1. Cable accuracy caused by cable errors of CNC lathes. In this sense, the main factor is pulse. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of the ball screw, the error must be minimized to allow the pulse to enter the CNC. The influence of lathe machining accuracy.

2. The free space is mainly due to the problem of the mechanical parts of the transmission device, which makes the machining accuracy of the machine tool out of control. The main components are gears, which are used for meshing, ball screws and support shafts. The problems between these components will affect the accuracy of CNC machine tools, so the structural connection between them needs to be strengthened. The accuracy between them will affect the accuracy of lathe processing, thereby reducing the separation between different structures, improving the tightness between different structures, and improving the accuracy of CNC lathe processing.

Adjust the feed mechanism to improve the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe.(图1)

3. The impact of programming errors.

The difference between CNC lathes and ordinary lathes is that the accuracy of the parts is different, but the errors in the preparation process can be minimized, which forces us to reduce errors in many aspects, thereby improving the processing performance of CNC lathes.

1. It is due to the influence of interpolation error on the accuracy of the machine tool. Then, try to use some methods to reduce programming problems. The ability to use programming in absolute mode and the ability to eliminate errors is a reference point for inserting quality in programming.

2. Approximation error of final accuracy. This is because there is a method in this process. Therefore, in order to eliminate the impact on the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe, it is necessary to understand the contour of the equation to reduce the error. three. In the programming process, due to the influence of rounding errors, the machining accuracy of the CNC lathe is reduced. Therefore, the minimum linear displacement determined by the pulse equivalent during the machining process must be used as a reference. Therefore, when programming, we must strictly follow the specifications of the drawings as a reference.

Discuss what are the factors that affect the machining accuracy of the turning-milling compound machine tool?

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