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Analysis of the main reasons for the collision of small CNC lathes

Time:2021-04-26 Views:272

The impact of CNC lathe has great damage to the accuracy of the machine tool, and the impact on different types of machine tools is different. Generally speaking, it has little effect on the rigidity of machine tools, such as horizontal lathes. Once the machine tool collides, the impact on the accuracy of the machine tool is fatal. Therefore, for high-precision CNC lathes, collisions must be eliminated. As long as the operator carefully masters the anti-collision methods, collisions can be prevented and avoided.

The main reasons for the collision of small CNC lathes are analyzed:

1. The input of tool diameter and length is wrong;

2. The input error of related geometric dimensions such as the size of the workpiece and the positioning error of the initial position of the workpiece;

3. The workpiece coordinate system of the CNC lathe is set incorrectly, or the zero point of the machine tool is reset during the machining process, causing a change. Machine tool collisions mostly occur during the rapid movement of the machine tool. At this time, collisions are also very harmful and should be absolutely avoided.

Therefore, the operator should pay special attention to the initial stage of execution of the CNC lathe program and the time of the machine tool change. At this time, once the program is edited incorrectly, the diameter and length of the tool are entered incorrectly, and collisions are likely to occur.

At the end of the program, if the sequence of the tool exit actions of the CNC axis is wrong, a collision may also occur.

In order to avoid the above collisions, the operator should give full play to the five-sense function when operating the CNC lathe, and observe whether the machine has abnormal movements, sparks, noise, abnormal noise, vibration and burning smell. Metalworking WeChat content is good and worthy of attention. If there is an abnormality, the program should be stopped immediately, and the machine tool can continue to work after the problem of the spare bed is solved.

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