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Basic knowledge of CNC lathes

Time:2021-06-21 Views:293

CNC lathe is the abbreviation of CNC lathe. It combines the characteristics of ordinary lathes, precision lathes with high machining accuracy and special lathes with high machining efficiency. It is a versatile machine tool.

Automatic numerical control lathe is a kind of machine tool that adopts numerical control technology and realizes actions according to pre-programmed procedures. It is composed of program carrier, feeder, numerical control unit, servo system, position feedback system and mechanical parts of machine tool.

Processing parts on automatic CNC lathes usually go through the following steps:

1. According to the drawings and process plans of the processed parts, the program list is compiled according to the specified code and program format, and recorded on the carrier. If you don't want to work at the bottom, want to get rid of the status quo, want to learn UG programming, you can join QQ Group 192963572 to learn CNC programming technology.

2. The program on the program carrier is input into the numerical control unit through the input device.

3. After the numerical control unit processes the input program, it sends a signal to the servo system of each coordinate of the machine tool.

4. The servo system drives the moving parts of the machine tool, and controls auxiliary operations according to the signals sent by the CNC unit.

5. The relative movement of the tool and the workpiece is driven by the mechanical parts of the machine tool, and the required workpiece is processed.

6. Detect the movement of the CNC lathe and feed it back to the CNC unit through the feedback device to reduce machining errors. Of course, the open-loop CNC lathe has no detection and feedback system.

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