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Briefly analyze how CNC processing manufacturers control product accuracy?

Time:2021-10-08 Views:244

In CNC machining, the most important thing is quality control. Quality includes product material performance, dimensional accuracy, appearance and surface, etc. Today, the new editor will give you a brief analysis of how CNC machining manufacturers' product accuracy is controlled.

The following aspects affect product accuracy:

1. CNC processing equipment itself: the machine is prone to ageing and improper maintenance when used for a long time.

2. Programming of the program: the popularization of the program setting, the programming of different precisions is the same, and the programs of different machines and different materials are copied correctly.

Briefly analyze how CNC processing manufacturers control product accuracy?(图1)

3. The rationality of the tool use: the tool is not selected according to the material, processing position, and accuracy.

4. The operating level of the operator: average level, not careful enough, no self-inspection, etc.

CNC processing manufacturers must have good control over the dimensional accuracy of the products, so as not to waste the trust of customers, the new precision CNC processing accuracy is as high as +/-0.01mm, and 16 CNC processing equipment are regularly maintained and updated in time. 8 programming engineers with more than 10 years of experience provide a reasonable process plan, and all operators can be on duty after three years of training. 6 inspection procedures + three-dimensional full inspection of shipments to ensure the qualified rate of shipments.

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