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CNC Machining China

Time:2021-02-22 Views:175

  Precision machining is a very rigorous process. The following is the operation of CNC machining.

  First of all,confirm the model,size and machining allowance of the processed blank against the program sheet before starting the machine, and perform de-sanding and polishing of the blank.

CNC Machining China(图1)

  Second,after getting on the machine,confirm the placement of the workpiece and the processing sequence to complete the comparison.

  Third,before the formal processing, check to confirm the placement of the workpiece and whether the number is correct.

  In addition, CNC precision machining tool also need maintenance.

  Clean and maintain the machine half an hour before going to work every day. If an air gun or oil gun is used to clean chips, there must be a knife on the spindle.

  It is forbidden to blow the spindle taper hole with an air gun or oil gun to avoid small particles from being blown into the spindle hole such as chips,and affect the cleanliness of the spindle.

  Check whether the lubricating machine is working normally and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, and start it in the normal order.Start the spindle to preheat the spindle before the machine tool is officially working.

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