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CNC Machining Manufacturer

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  Nowadays, CNC machine is higher than traditional machine tools in terms of efficiency and machine accuracy. At the same time, it can process complex parts.Therefore,CNC machine is used widely in the processing field.

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  Although CNC machine is not prone to problems, if it does not operate normally, various problems will still occur. In addition to normal operation, maintenance of the CNC machine is also very important.

  The CNC machine manufacturer tells you the skills of maintaining CNC machine.

  The first is the use environment of CNC machine. The landing position of CNC machine should avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, avoid damp, dust or corrosive gas places, and stay away from equipment with high vibration.

  Secondly, the development of standardized CNC machine operating procedures can reduce failures,such as lubrication, maintenance, reasonable use and standardized shift system.

  Third, regular inspection of equipment can prevent various problems, improve production efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. The hydraulic system, spindle lubrication system, guideway lubrication system, cooling system and air pressure system need to be checked daily. It can be judged whether each system is working normally during the processing. If there is a problem, it should be stopped and dealt with immediately.

  After each use, clean up the debris on the surface of the machine tool.Check the internal parts of the machine tool regularly to see if there are debris residues, such as spindles, lead screws, etc.,

  Finally, when using CNC machining, the processed material should not exceed the current CNC processable range of materials.

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