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CNC industry prospects

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Talent scarcity

At present, there are two main sources of first-line CNC talents in my country.

First, the graduates of mechatronics or numerical control technology applied to colleges, vocational colleges and secondary vocational schools are very young. They have different levels of English, computer applications, basic theoretical knowledge of electromechanics and certain practical abilities, and are easy to accept the challenges of a new job.

Their biggest shortcoming is that it is difficult for schools to provide technical experience. At the same time, due to the narrow division of labor in school education, it is still difficult to meet the requirements of some enterprises for the integration of processing and maintenance of complex talents. This requires that this type of personnel should add more practical exercises while learning theoretical knowledge. If there are experienced teachers to lead and impart practical experience, the new generation of CNC talents will definitely be better than the blue army.

Another source is to select employees from the company's existing employees to participate in different levels of CNC technical training, short-term training to meet the urgent needs of the company for CNC personnel. These personnel generally have the technical background and rich practical experience required by the enterprise, and can be applied in a short time under the guidance of trained teachers. However, many current employees are unable to see the trends and trends of the future market, leading to the gradual deepening of the industrialization process and the elimination of society.

Industry concept

CNC industry prospects(图1)

The industrialization of CNC machine tools has been completed in Europe and the United States and other countries, while my country started in the 1980s and is currently in the development stage.

Although my country's foundry machine tool industry has made certain achievements, it still faces many constraints. Compared with foreign products, the gap of my country's CNC machine tools is mainly reflected in the high speed, high efficiency and precision of the machine tools.

A CNC machine tool is a CNC machine tool, which is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system. According to the performance and grade of CNC machine tools, CNC machine tools can be divided into high-end CNC machine tools, mid-to-high-end CNC machine tools and low-end CNC machine tools. Advanced CNC machine tools refer to CNC machine tools with high-speed, precision, intelligence, compound, multi-axis linkage, network communication and other functions.

With the development of electronic information technology, the world's machine tools have entered the era of mechatronics with digital manufacturing technology as the core, of which CNC machine tools are one of the representative products. It is a technology that uses a computer to realize digital program control. This technology uses a computer to perform sequential logic control on the motion trajectory of the device and the operation of peripheral devices according to a pre-stored control program. Because a computer is used to replace the numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuits, computer software is used to realize various control functions such as storage, processing, operation and logical judgment of input operation instructions, and the micro-instructions generated by the processing can be transmitted to the single-chip microcomputer. ed to the servo drive device drive motor or hydraulic actuator drive equipment operation. The CNC machine tool is an efficient automatic machine tool, equipped with a program control system, which can better solve the problem of complex, precise, small batch, and multi-variety parts processing.

Market demand

From the perspective of China's CNC machine tool market, thanks to the rapid development of China's automotive, aerospace, shipping, power equipment, construction machinery and other industries, the market demand for CNC talents has increased sharply.

In developed countries, CNC machine tools have been widely used. There is a big gap between my country's manufacturing industry and the international advanced industrial countries. The CNC rate of the machine tool is less than 3%. At present, my country's CNC machine tools (mainly imported products) are under-used. There are many reasons. The shortage of numerical control technical personnel is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the shortage of numerical control technical personnel. Since numerical control technology is the most typical and widely used mechatronics and optical integration technology, my country urgently needs a large number of technical personnel at all levels from research and development to use and maintenance.

1. The demand for numerical control talents is mainly concentrated in the following enterprises and regions: state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, especially military enterprises with better economic benefits.

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