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CNC lathe

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Numerical control technology is also called computer numerical control (CNC). It is a technology that uses a computer to realize digital program control. This technology uses a computer to perform sequential logic control functions on the movement trajectory of the device and the operation of the peripheral device according to the stored control program in advance.

As a computer is used to replace the original numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuits, computer software can be used to implement various control functions such as storage, processing, calculation and logical judgment of input operating instructions, and the micro-instructions generated by processing are transmitted to the servo drive device. , The drive motor or hydraulic actuator drives the equipment to run.

In traditional machining, ordinary machine tools are manually operated. When machining, the machine is shaken by hand to cut metal, and the accuracy of the product is measured with eyes and calipers. Modern industry has long used computer numerical control machine tools for operation. The CNC machine tool can automatically process any products and parts according to the program prepared by the technicians in advance. This is what we call CNC machining. Numerical control processing is widely used in various processing fields, and it is the development trend of mold processing and an important and necessary technical means.

CNC lathe(图1)

Small CNC lathes, also known as CNC lathes, are a kind of CNC lathes widely used in our country, accounting for 25% of the total number of CNC lathes. CNC machine tools are mechatronics products that integrate mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics, and information technology. It is a high-precision, high-efficiency, high-automation and high-flexibility machine tool. The technical level of CNC machine tools and the percentage of their output and total ownership in metal cutting machine tools is one of the important indicators to measure the development of the national economy and the overall level of industrial manufacturing. CNC lathes are one of the main varieties of CNC machine tools. It occupies a very important position in CNC machine tools. For decades, it has received extensive attention and rapid development from all over the world.

Ordinary CNC lathe: According to the requirements of turning processing, the structure is specially designed and equipped with a general CNC system. The CNC system has powerful functions, high degree of automation and high processing precision. Suitable for turning of general rotating parts. The CNC lathe can control two coordinate axes at the same time, namely the X axis and the Z axis.

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