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CNC machine maintenance!

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1. The operating environment will affect the normal operation of the machine tool, so the installation conditions and requirements should be strictly set. In the case of economic permitting, CNC lathes should be installed separately from ordinary machining equipment to facilitate maintenance.

2. The CNC lathe is equipped with a number of professionals, which can be used correctly according to the requirements of the machine tool and system instructions.

three. If the CNC lathe is not used for a long time, the CNC system should be energized frequently, and if the lathe is locked, make it idling. In the moldy and rainy seasons with high humidity, electricity is required every day.

4. The hardware control part of the CNC system is checked once a year by an experienced maintenance electrician. Check whether the reference voltage is within the specified range, whether the electrical components of the system are loosely connected, whether each functional module works normally with the fan, and whether there is dust accumulation. For machine tools that have been shut down for a long time, they should start running for 4 hours a month.

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5. After the end of each shift, the operator should clean up the debris scattered on the trailer and the guide rail; pay attention to check whether the debris removal device is normal; before the end of the work, the servo axis should return to the original point and shut down.

6. Check the servo motor and spindle motor once a year, focusing on their working noise and temperature rise. If the noise is too loud, we should check the problem and take corresponding measures to solve it. For DC motors, the brushes and commutator should be checked, adjusted, maintained or replaced. Check whether the cooling fan at the end of the motor works normally and clean the dust; check whether the motor connection plug is loose.

7. Servo motors of machine tools are maintained every 10-12 months. Machines with frequent acceleration or deceleration changes should be maintained every 2 months.

8. Encoders and grating scales are widely used in detection elements, and induction scales, magnetic scales and rotary transformers are also widely used. The maintenance electrician should check once a week whether the component connections are loose and whether they are contaminated by oil or dust.

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