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CNC machine tool fire extinguishing system

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Main advantages:

1. The installation is quick and easy, directly installed in the protected area of the CNC machine tool. The fire detection tube can be installed directly on the side wall and top of the housing in the processing area very simply. When the system is in working condition, about 16bar inert gas is filled into the fire detection tube. After charging, the fire detection tube is more sensitive to heat radiation.

2. Early fire detection:

When a fire occurs in a CNC machine tool, the heat from the fire can burst the fire probe pipe closest to the point (about 110oC-140oC adjustable)

3. Timely and effective fire extinguishing

After the fire detector tube bursts, the instantaneous pressure loss will activate the special bottle head valve of the gas cylinder, and release the fire extinguishing agent to the fire area through the fire detector tube burst or the dedicated release nozzle. The system can extinguish the fire in the bud and prevent the fire from spreading... to minimize damage and equipment downtime.

CNC machine tool fire extinguishing system(图1)

4. Realize the function

System early warning: This system uses a temperature sensing unit to detect the real-time temperature inside the CNC machine tool. Once the temperature reaches the set value (first-level early warning), the sound and light alarm will alarm, and the staff will predict the working status of the CNC machine tool in time.

Automatic shutdown: When the internal temperature of the CNC machine tool continues to rise, once the temperature reaches the set value (secondary alarm), the system will automatically output a relay signal to turn off the ventilation/dust removal equipment or stop the power supply of the equipment.

Fire extinguishing start: The internal temperature of the CNC machine tool continues to rise, and the temperature reaches the zero boundary setting value (three-level alarm). The system automatically starts to extinguish the fire quickly, effectively avoiding fire damage.

Manual start: Comes with manual start and emergency mechanical start function, when the staff find the fire hazard in the first time, they can deal with it in time.

Overhaul/test: With its own overhaul/test switch, the system can be temporarily shut down as needed, effectively avoiding misoperation leading to the activation of the fire extinguishing system.

5. Select the detector

According to the working principle of CNC machine tools and the diversity of processed equipment, temperature control detectors, UV/IR flame detectors and metal heat sensitive temperature rod detectors can be selected. It is recommended to use a special multi-layer polymer material structure to prevent the possibility of extreme temperature conditions, anti-chemical corrosion and high-intensity ultraviolet radiation application of black fire detection tubes.

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