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Causes of failure reports of turning and milling complex CNC machine tool machining centers

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The turning and milling composite CNC machine tool processing center is a mechanical equipment and CNC system that can automatically process the machine tool when processing complex parts. The CNC machining center will encounter some problems in daily use. This is what we should pay attention to when using the CNC machining center not only to maintain good operation, but also to pay attention to the operating procedures of the CNC machining center, do not blindly, as shown below Some failures of the CNC machining center in daily use and some simple analysis of the CNC machining center.

 Causes of failure reports of turning and milling complex CNC machine tool machining centers(图1)

1. The serial encoder communication error alarm of the CNC lathe center


For these problems, first check whether the encoder amplifier and feedback line of the CNC machining center are connected correctly and whether there is any disconnection. If the shielding of the motor feedback cable is not perfect, please come to the factory for warranty as soon as possible. Generally, in CNC machining, the encoder of the motor is connected to the motor, and it is not recommended to disassemble it.


2. The encoder pulse count error alarm of the CNC machining center


This kind of problem usually shows 6 on the LED display, and the system screen PMM screen shows 303/304/305/308 alarm. The main cause of the fault is that the serial encoder of the servo motor does not calculate the number or the pulse is missing during the operation. If this phenomenon needs to be turned on after shutdown, the alarm will disappear. If there is still an alarm, the motor or feedback cable should be replaced immediately, but if the alarm sound disappears, you need to run other commands for debugging after the CNC machining center returns to the reference point. The pmm308 weak alarm may be caused by interference, and it can be turned off and then restarted.

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