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Common troubleshooting methods of CNC machine tools

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Because the faults of CNC machine tools are more complicated, and the self-diagnosis ability of the CNC system cannot test all the components of the system, it is often an alarm number that indicates many fault causes, making it difficult for people to start. The following describes the common troubleshooting methods used by maintenance personnel in production practice.

Visual inspection

The visual inspection method is that the maintenance personnel determine the scope of the fault based on the observation of various light, sound, smell and other abnormal phenomena when the fault occurs. The fault scope can be reduced to a module or a circuit board, and then eliminated. Generally include:

A. Inquiry: Ask the personnel at the fault site carefully about the process of the fault, the appearance of the fault, and the consequences of the fault;

B. Visual inspection: Check whether each part of the machine tool is in a normal state in general, whether each electronic control device has an alarm indication, partially check whether there is a fuse blown, components are burnt, cracked, wires and cables fall off, and the positions of all operating elements are correct or not and many more;

C. Touch: When the whole machine is powered off, you can touch the installation status of the main circuit boards, the plug-in status of the plugs, the connection status of the power and signal wires, and touch and shake the components by hand, especially for large volumes. If the resistance and capacitance of the semiconductor device are loose, you can check out some faults such as broken feet, false soldering, and poor contact;

D. Power-on: refers to the power-on for checking whether there is smoke, fire, abnormal sound, smell, and whether the motor and components are overheated when touched. Once found, power off immediately for analysis. If there is a destructive fault, it must be eliminated before powering on.

Example: After a CNC machining center has been running for a period of time, the CRT display suddenly shows no display failure, and the machine tool can continue to run. After shutting down and then driving again, everything is normal. Observation found that during the operation of the equipment, whenever there is a vibration

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