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Discussion on Process Division of NC Lathe with Inclined Bed

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Generally speaking, there are no special requirements for the use environment of inclined bed CNC lathes. It can be placed in the production workshop like ordinary machine tools, but avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, avoid excessively humid or dusty places, especially places with corrosive gases. Corrosive gases are easy to corrode and deteriorate electronic components, or cause poor contact of components, or cause short circuits between components, which affect the normal operation of machine tools. Keep away from equipment with high vibration, such as punch presses, forging equipment, etc. For high-precision CNC machine tools, anti-vibration measures (such as anti-vibration ditch) should also be taken.

The auxiliary devices of CNC lathes mainly include CNC indexing head, automatic tool changer and hydraulic system. Of course, as a qualified CNC operator, we must not forget to maintain it: CNC indexing head: CNC indexing head is a common accessory for CNC milling machines and machining centers. Its function is to perform rotary indexing or continuous rotary feed motion according to the instructions of the numerical control equipment, so that the numerical control machine tool can reach the required processing accuracy. Therefore, in operation, attention should be paid to strictly abide by the numerical control indexing, and the operating rules and operating procedures of the machine head should be used correctly.

Discussion on Process Division of NC Lathe with Inclined Bed(图1)

Customized process division of inclined bed CNC lathe:

1. Tool centralized sequence method: Divide the process according to the tool used, and use the same tool to complete all the parts that can be completed on the part. Use the second knife and the third knife to complete the other parts they can. In this way, the number of tool changes can be reduced, the idle travel time can be compressed, and unnecessary positioning errors can be reduced.

Second, the order method of processing parts: For parts with more processing content, the processed parts can be divided into internal shapes, shapes, curved surfaces or planes according to their structural characteristics. Generally, the plane and the positioning surface are processed first, and then the holes are processed. ; Process simple geometric figures first, and then process complex geometries, first process the parts with lower precision, and then process the parts with higher precision requirements.

3. Roughing and finishing sequence method: For parts that are prone to processing deformation, because they may be deformed after roughing, shape correction is required. Therefore, rough and finishing parts should generally be processed separately.

To sum up, in the division process, it is necessary to flexibly grasp the structure and technology of the parts, the functions of the machine tool, the number of parts CNC machining content, the number of installations, and the production organization of the unit. In addition, it is recommended to adopt the principle of process concentration or process dispersion, which should be determined according to the actual situation, but as reasonable as possible.

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