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Factors affecting CNC non-standard custom machining accuracy

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The precision requirements for CNC non-standard custom processing are based on the customer’s requirements. If the customer has no requirements for CNC non-standard custom processing, it is basically enough as long as the standard is met. But if the customer has requirements for CNC non-standard customization, then we need to pay attention to two factors when processing CNC non-standard customization, one is controllable and the other is uncontrollable:

Factors affecting CNC non-standard custom machining accuracy(图1)

First. Avoidable factors affecting the dimensional accuracy of CNC machining

1. Processing technology:

Most of the actual machining errors are caused by unreasonable machining processes. On the basis of ensuring the basic CNC non-standard customized machining processes, try to minimize the machining errors caused by iron filings on aluminum parts, because aluminum parts are very soft Iron filings can easily cause machining errors in aluminum parts.

2. Numerical calculation in manual programming and automatic programming

3. Three elements of cutting: cutting speed VC, feed f, cutting depth ap and tool compensation

In simple terms, it is to adjust the parameters to give full play to the cutting performance of the tool under the premise of ensuring the quality of CNC non-standard customized processing and tool wear, so that the cutting efficiency is high and the processing cost is low.

4. Tool setting and inaccurate tool setting are also factors that cause dimensional errors.

Second, irresistible factors:

1. Cooling deformation after CNC non-standard custom processing

This is basically unavoidable. Try to pay attention to the use of coolant during processing, and pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling when performing on-site measurement.

2. The stability of the machine tool itself

If it is not a new machine tool or the machine tool has undergone a lot of processing without debugging, there will be dimensional errors caused by the machine tool itself.

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