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Fault diagnosis and maintenance methods of CNC machine tools

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CNC machine tools are technically complex mechatronics equipment, and the causes and types of failures are complex. This also brings many difficulties to the diagnosis and elimination of faults. Generally speaking, according to the components of the failure, it can be divided into host failure and electrical failure; according to the nature of the failure, it can be divided into systematic failure and random failure; according to the cause of the failure, it can be divided into external failure and internal failure; according to The location where the failure occurs can be divided into CNC device failure, servo system failure, spindle system failure, and tool rest, tool magazine, and workbench failure.

There are many models of CNC machine tools, and the cause of the failure is very complicated. Therefore, after the failure occurs, the following methods can be used for routine processing.

Fault diagnosis and maintenance methods of CNC machine tools(图1)

 Investigate the fault site and grasp the first-hand fault information

After the fault occurs, you cannot blindly handle it without knowing the cause of the fault, so as to avoid secondary damage. The correct approach is to check the fault record, ask the operator about the specific circumstances of the fault, and check the main fault when it is determined that there is no danger.

Analyze the cause of the failure and determine the inspection method

Under the condition of mastering the first-hand fault information, analyze the cause of the fault. Fault analysis can be carried out by combining induction and deduction, and then analyze the possible causes one by one, and determine the fault point after removing the incorrect cause.

Fault detection and elimination

In the process of fault detection, it is necessary to make full use of the intelligent features of CNC machine tools, and make full use of its self-diagnosis functions such as startup diagnosis, operation diagnosis, and PLC monitoring. In addition, it is necessary to flexibly use the exchange method, isolation method and other effective diagnosis of CNC machine tool faults.

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