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Hardware processing-diversified customized processing, saving time and worry!

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Does your product involve various hardware or plastic materials? Does your product require a combination of multiple processing techniques to shorten the cycle time? Does your product require various surface treatments to protect the product or increase product recognition? If so, then you need a diversified custom processing hardware manufacturer like Precision!

Hardware processing-diversified customized processing, saving time and worry!(图1)

475 kinds of materials: Precision is good at 10-1000 pieces of hardware processing. The processed materials are up to 475 kinds. As long as it is a metal or plastic material that is available on the market, Precision can process it, and the factory is equipped with a spectrometer , Check the material composition before processing to ensure the authenticity of the raw materials!

28 kinds of processing technology: Precision has 16 high-speed CNC machining centers, complete with turning and milling equipment, including a total of 28 processing technologies, which can formulate economical and reasonable processes for products, which can effectively shorten the product cycle and quickly deliver goods. !

21 kinds of surface treatment: exquisite appearance can always catch people's realization in the first time. In hardware processing, many products need surface treatment, some are to improve the durability of the product, and some are to improve the identification of the product Spend. Precision has always provided customers with a series of fee services from processing to surface treatment, so it also has rich experience in surface treatment, including 21 types of oxidation, electroplating, spraying, and laser carving.

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