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How about CNC machine tools in China? How many foreign technologies are there?

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If it were not for the ZTE incident to sound the alarm, look at the grim situation in China, the most grim situation should be. Those who are engaged in real estate, internet, finance and other industries to make their fortunes are still creating an atmosphere, and all the people are still immersed in fierce high-tech.

As the mother of industry, how about China's CNC machine tools? It is difficult to answer this question accurately. After all, there are some good products. But in general, CNC machine tools in China, Japan, Europe and the United States have not yet reached the level of Taiwan and China.

In other words, the current CNC machine tools in China are low-end. If tourists feel uncomfortable, what about the low-end? The so-called independent research and development, most of the systems are imitated Fanuc and Mitsubishi, even Siemens, Heidenhain has no domestic imitation, the mechanical part is only the procurement of international brand parts for assembly.

Can't the Chinese make good equipment? In fact, the actual part is really good. Buy a Taiwanese spindle, add a German gearbox, exchange for an Italian turret, and then buy a Japanese system for sale. In the manual, the accuracy of markings and key components may be the same as or even higher than that of imported equipment, but there is still a considerable gap in terms of service life, rigidity and dimensional stability. They all seem to be well-known international brands, but the overall effect is not very good. why?

One is independent research and development! Many foreign CNC machine tool factories actually use the same parts as domestic ones. They also have screw bearings from Taiwan or Japan, and systems bought from Japan and Germany, but the bed! Spindle! Dota! Gearbox! But they are all designed by themselves! There may be many problems in the early stage, but they insist on listening to the questions and opinions of customers, constantly upgrading and updating, accumulating experience, and constantly improving quality and stability. Domestic factories think that the profit is too close and sell them together. In the long run, they are restricted by others and do not have their own brand.

Second, quality control. For example, a foreign machine tool factory is in the desert. They throw sand from the bed they bought outside and let it age naturally. Their delivery date is basically fixed, and good business hours cannot be advanced. Because they strictly abide by the requirements of quality control production, some of them cannot be delivered in advance. NCE is not ahead, and cast iron is very good. example. However, many domestic machine tool manufacturers can give you a machine tool in two weeks or even a few days!

Third, we have to say that foreign countries have blocked domestic technology. In fact, as we all know, CNC equipment is a strategic material. You should not think that those imported high-end CNC machine tools that have invested heavily in China are now very powerful, or that people have not given you advanced things that you have never seen before; or that they are good for you. Things, but not to provide you with high-quality products. High-quality and sophisticated technology is like buying a golden lock without a key! There were nine shafts and nine connecting rods in the last century. Currently, we can import basic or five links that can be purchased and used. Even this system is sold in different countries.

Speaking of specific CNC machine tools, EDM machine tools are relatively small in the machine tool industry and belong to precision machining. The leaders in this industry are Japan and Switzerland. The scope of Japan, Sodick, Switzerland's GF Agie Shamir, and China belong to the majority of Japanese followers. Those who follow the Japanese system and know more about Sino-Japanese relations should be able to guess. In other words, from the early 70s to the early 90s, the honeymoon between China and Japan was about 20 years. During these 20 years or so, China obtained a lot of technology from Japan, and there were also many high-end technologies at that time, and EDM CNC machine tools were among them. one. At that time, when China introduced technology from Japan, Japan not only provided the software source code, circuit diagram, and system framework diagram, but also had experts patiently guide China in this regard. They can almost say that they have no reservations about the technical problems encountered by Chinese engineers. Therefore, in the 1990s, the gap between China's EDM machine tools and Japan was not that big. After all, the most sophisticated families still need to keep some. More than 20 years have passed. How big is the gap between China and Japan in this field? It should be about 20 years. Everyone is playing metal plate technology. This is not a joke!

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