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How to change the oil of a CNC vertical lathe

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The use and maintenance of CNC vertical lathes are essential. We should pay attention to the maintenance of CNC vertical lathes, especially the operators of CNC vertical lathes. We can't just operate and ignore the daily maintenance of the lathe.

The use of CNC vertical lathes is more difficult than ordinary machine tools. CNC vertical lathe is a typical mechatronics product, which involves a wide range of knowledge, that is, the operator should have a wider range of professional knowledge, such as organic, electrical, hydraulic, gas, etc.; in addition, because of the CNC system in its electronic control system Upgrading is relatively fast. If you do not regularly participate in professional theoretical training and learning, you will not be able to master the application of the new CNC system. Therefore, the requirements for the quality of the operators are very high. To this end, the CNC machine tool operators have been systematically studied, and the principle, performance, lubrication parts and methods of the machine tool have been systematically studied, which has laid the foundation for better use of the machine tool. At the same time, a series of practical and effective measures have been formulated in the use and management of machine tools.

How to change the oil of a CNC vertical lathe(图1)

Like ordinary cars, CNC vertical cars require oil change and maintenance. In the future, pay attention to the hygiene of the desktop so that dust and iron filings cannot enter the track. The hazards of entering are poor accuracy, heavy hand feel, and very heavy and laborious operation. Therefore, the oil of the CNC vertical car will be changed once a month at the beginning, every three months next year, and three times a month for the first three months. When the CNC vertical lathe oil is changed, the impurities in the CNC lathe track will also be reduced. It will flow along the new oil into the oil tank, will not stay on the track, and will not scratch the track.

Customized CNC lathe manufacturers talk about the "oil change" maintenance of CNC vertical lathes:

1. Check the lubricating oil level to ensure that the machine is lubricated.

2. Check whether the coolant in the coolant tank is enough, if it is not enough, please increase it in time.

3. Check the oil level of the pneumatic three-cylinder, which is about 2/3 of the height of the entire oil pipe. Every day, the water and air in the pneumatic triple filter are discharged through the drain switch.

4. Check the air pressure, loosen the adjusting knob, and adjust the air pressure according to the principle of increasing pressure on the right side and reducing pressure on the left side, generally set to 5-7kg/cm~2. The pressure switch is generally set to 5kg/cm~2, when it is lower than 5kg/cm~2, the system will send out a "low air pressure" alarm. After the pressure rises, the alarm message disappears.

5. Check whether the air blowing in the spindle cone of the CNC vertical lathe is normal, wipe the cone hole of the spindle with a clean cotton cloth and spray light oil.

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