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Impact Accidents of CNC Lathe Tools

Time:2021-06-29 Views:133

If a CNC lathe encounters a knife accident, and does not comply with the safety operation regulations of the machine tool, personal accidents or equipment accidents may occur. In the process of processing, because most of the safety doors are installed and the safety doors are required to be closed during processing, the operator does not directly operate the machine tool. Therefore, the probability of personal accidents is very small, but the probability of equipment accidents is much greater than that of other mechanical processing, because ordinary machine tools are It is processed by the operator with own operating experience manually operating the machine tool.

The CNC lathe is processed by the automatic control of the processing program. It is not directly controlled by humans, but controlled by the program. When operating the machine tool, technicians often make mistakes in programming, input and modification, coordinate system or tool compensation. Careless operation of the machine tool can cause tool collision accidents. During the use of CNC lathes, if tool impact occurs, it will not only bring great psychological pressure to the operator, but also cause economic losses

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