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Machining center programming and operation

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Through practical training, students will understand the general structure and basic working principles of the processing center. Master the functions of the machining center (DMG 64V) and how to use it, master the usage of commonly used function codes, learn the manual programming method of simple programs, and master the programming coordinate system (workpiece coordinate system) in CNC machining and the coordinate system of the machine tool Learn the method of workpiece clamping and tool setting, and deepen the understanding of related tool knowledge and processing technology knowledge. Accept relevant production labor discipline and production safety education to cultivate students' good professional qualities. Train students' practical skills so that all students can reach the elementary level of the processing center.

2. Training conditions

1. Site conditions: production-type CNC machining training workshop;

2. Equipment conditions: production processing center (at least 1);

Machining center programming and operation(图1)

3. Tools and material conditions:

Measuring tools: vices, special wrenches for assembling and disassembling knives, horns, calipers, dial indicators and table holders, counting rods, milling cutters (10 flat knife ball knives of various specifications).

Material: One piece per person (46 pieces) of aluminum alloy material with a size of about 100×80×60

3. Training requirements and precautions

1. Every student is required to operate the machining center (DMG 64V type) independently and proficiently, and to independently and proficiently complete the relevant topics required by this training.

2. With the textbook "CNC Milling Machine Programming and Operation Training Course", the introductory and intermediate engineering topics are used for programming and processing to strengthen the manual programming and practical operation skills of students.

3. Each student independently completes the writing of the training report.

4. illustrate

Since the "Application of Machine Tool Numerical Control Technology" course has been opened, the manual programming of the machining center has been explained in this course, and then this training guide is issued to the trainees in advance, so that they can preview the content of Annex 1, all related to manual programming Relevant content is completed in and out of class. If you have any questions, you can ask the instructor on the spot.

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