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Maintenance is essential in the processing of CNC machining centers

Time:2021-07-26 Views:199

The CNC machining center is a high-precision, high-density processing equipment. Correct daily maintenance can improve the machining accuracy and quality of the machining center.

Efficiency has a very important impact. Now we go straight to the topic, how to do daily maintenance work

First understand the maintenance scope of the CNC machining center, and then understand the familiar roads for the operation of light trucks:

1. Clean up all the debris and wipe the sliding surfaces of the guide rails and tailstock sleeves of small and medium-sized trawlers on the bed.

2. Wipe the screw rod, polished rod, and clutch rod;

Maintenance is essential in the processing of CNC machining centers(图1)

3. Wipe the dust and oil on the surface of the motor, electrical box and belt cover, and wipe the cooling pump and tool accessories;

4. Check whether the oil level of the headbox is filled to the oil mark position.

5. Add lubricating oil to the nozzle tank on the guide rail surface and the sleeve surface of the tailstock, and add butter to the butter cup.

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