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Nine reasons for the unstable dimensions of CNC machine tools

Time:2021-06-07 Views:236

1. The size of the workpiece is accurate, and the surface finish is poor

2. The phenomenon of taper and small head on the workpiece

3. The phase light of the driver is normal, but the size of the processed workpiece is sometimes large and sometimes small

4. The size of the workpiece is different from the actual size by a few millimeters, or there is a big change in a certain axis

5. The effect of machining arc is not ideal, and the size is not in place

6. In mass production, occasionally the workpiece is out of tolerance

7. There is a change in the processing of a certain process of the workpiece, and the size of the other processes is accurate

8. Each process of the workpiece has an increase or decrease phenomenon

9. Unstable dimensional changes caused by CNC machine tool system

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