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Points for Attention in the Clamping of CNC Lathes

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1. Reasonable choice of cutting parameters

The selection of cutting parameters (ap, f, v) is of great significance for giving full play to the potential of the machine tool and the cutting performance of the tool, and achieving high quality, high yield, low cost, and safe operation.

In rough turning, the first consideration is the maximum backcut AP, then the large feed F, and finally the appropriate cutting speed V. After increasing the traction AP can reduce the number of cuts, and increasing the feed F is conducive to chip fracture. Therefore, according to the above principles, the selection of rough cutting amount is beneficial to improve production efficiency, reduce tool consumption, and reduce processing costs.

During finishing, the machining accuracy and surface roughness are required to be high, and the machining allowance is small and uniform. Therefore, when choosing the cutting amount for finishing, we should pay attention to how to ensure the quality of machining, and on this basis, we should strive to increase productivity. Therefore, in order to increase the cutting speed v as much as possible, a small (but not too small) post-draft ap and feed f must be selected, and a tool material with high cutting performance and reasonable geometric parameters must be selected. 2. Reasonable choice of tools

Points for Attention in the Clamping of CNC Lathes(图1)

1) When rough turning, tools with high strength and good durability should be selected to meet the requirements of large back draught and large feed during rough turning;

2) High precision and good durability tools should be selected for finishing to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy. (two)

3) In order to reduce the tool change time and facilitate tool setting, the machine tool clamp and machine tool clamp should be used as much as possible.

three. Reasonable choice of fixture

1) Try to use general fixtures to clamp the workpiece, avoid using special fixtures;

2) The positioning datums of the parts coincide to reduce the positioning error.

four. Determine the processing route

The processing route is the trajectory and direction of the tool relative to the part in the process of index-controlled machine tool processing.

1) It should be able to guarantee the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements;

2) Shorten the processing route as much as possible to reduce the idle time of the tool.

5 pcs. The relationship between processing route and machining allowance

At present, when CNC lathes have not been widely used, it is generally necessary to arrange excessive margins on the blanks, especially for processing the margins containing forging and casting hard skin layers on ordinary lathes. If you want to use a CNC lathe for processing, you must pay attention to the flexible arrangement of the program.

6. The main points of fixture installation

At present, the connection between the hydraulic chuck and the hydraulic clamping cylinder is achieved through a tie rod. The main points of hydraulic chuck clamping are as follows: First, use the handle to remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder, remove the pull-down tube, pull it out from the back end of the spindle, then use the handle to remove the fixing screw of the chuck, and then remove the chuck.

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