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Precautions after CNC machine tool processing(2)

Time:2021-06-23 Views:191

5. The safety protection device on the machine tool must not be disassembled or moved by the operator at will. Before the machine tool starts processing, it must be checked whether the program used is similar to the program of the machined part. Only after the confirmation is correct, can the safety shield be properly managed and the machine tool can be opened for processing parts.

6. Machine tool accessories, measuring tools, and cutting tools should be kept properly. Compensation for lost or damaged racks. After the training, the machine tool should be cleaned. Move the tailstock and trailer to the end of the bed, and cut off the power to the machine tool.

7. When the machine tool fails or abnormal phenomenon occurs during work, it should be shut down immediately to protect the site and report to the site immediately. Operators are forbidden to modify machine parameters. If necessary, the device administrator must be notified and asked to modify it.

8. Understand the technical requirements of the part drawing, and check whether the size and shape of the blank are defective. Choose reasonable parts installation methods, correctly choose CNC turning tools, install parts and tools to ensure accuracy and firmness.

9. Understand and master the control operation panel of the CNC machine tool and its operation essentials, input the program accurately into the system, simulate inspection and indoor cutting, and make various preparations before processing.

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