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Precautions for CNC Machining

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  First of all,before processing each program,it is necessary to confirm strictly whether the tool on the program is consistent with the program.When installing the knife, make sure that the length of the tool and the selected tool holder are appropriate.

  Second,in the same workpiece, it must be kept in the same area every time the tool is set to ensure the accuracy of the tool when the tool is connected.

Precautions for CNC Machining(图1)

  Third,use air as much as possible in the roughing program, and spray oil in the light knife program.The aluminum slag in the machine tool should be cleaned before the light knife sprays to prevent the aluminum slag from absorbing oil.

  Fourth,the operator shall not leave the machine tool or regularly check the operating status of the machine tool during the self-operation of the machine tool. If you need to leave halfway, you must designate relevant personnel to check it.

  Fifth,in the process of processing, if a tool collision is found, the operator must stop immediately, such as pressing the emergency stop button or the reset button or adjusting the feed rate to zero.

  Sixth,it is forbidden to open the door during the operation of the machine tool to avoid flying knife or workpiece.After the workpiece is off the machine, it must be cleaned and deburred in time.

  When off work, the operator must do a timely and accurate handover to ensure that the subsequent processing can proceed normally.Before shutting down, ensure that the tool magazine is in the original position, the XYZ axis is stopped at the center position, and turn off the power supply and the main power supply on the machine operation panel in turn.

  At last,when encountering a heavy thunderstorm, the power must be cut off immediately to stop working.

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