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Precautions for CNC machining center processing composite materials

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 The amount of composite materials has been increasing, so the number of customers who use CNC machining centers to add composite materials has also increased year by year. In the past, manual drilling and edge trimming were used, but now they are all done by machinery. The use of CNC machining centers to process composite materials is much faster than manual processing, and the accuracy is high, but when there is a problem, there will be serious problems. Therefore, the process, selection of tools and processing parameters are especially important for processing composite materials.


Precautions for CNC machining center processing composite materials


  The size of general composite auxiliary materials is relatively large, the structure of the workpiece is complex, the hardness and strength are high, and it is a material that is difficult to process. The cutting force used in the processing process is relatively large, and the heat produced by the processing is difficult to transfer, which may severely scorch the resin or soften the resin, and severely wear the tools. Therefore, the key is that the tools used must have carbon fiber processing. The cutting speed should be greater than 500/min, and the feed speed must be small. Carbide knurling milling cutters, electroplated diamond grain grinding wheels, diamond-inlaid milling cutters, and copper-based diamond grain saw blades should be used for edge trimming.

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The cutting effect of the 3 types of new type solid carbide composite special milling cutters is better. They all have some common characteristics: high rigidity, small helix angle, even 0°, and the specially designed herringbone cutting edge can be effectively reduced Axial cutting force reduces delamination, and its processing efficiency and effect are very good.


   Carbon fiber composite material has low interlayer strength and is easy to produce delamination under the action of cutting force. Therefore, the axial force should be reduced when drilling or trimming. Drilling requires high speed and small feed. The speed is generally 3000~6000r/min, and the feed rate is 0.01~0.04mm/r. It is better to choose three-pointed two-edged or two-pointed two-edged drill bit, and the sharp tip can be used. The carbon fiber layer is cut off first, and the two blades repair the hole wall. The diamond-inlaid drill has excellent sharpness and wear resistance. The drilling of composite material and titanium alloy sandwich is a difficult problem. Generally, solid carbide drills are used to drill according to the cutting parameters of drilling titanium alloys. The titanium alloy side is drilled first, until the drilling is through, and lubricants are added during drilling. Relieve burns from composite materials.

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