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Precision adjustment of CNC lathe

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The accuracy of the CNC lathe is mainly reflected in: the spindle deflection can be measured by the precision spiral tool post of the spindle spherical measuring instrument. The accuracy of the main shaft is a turret, and the main shaft is used for fine adjustment. By adjusting the transmission ratio of the servo motor and the surface of the screw, adjusting the gap and installation position of the turntable, the accuracy of the X and Z screw shafts can be adjusted. Grab or replace screws and guide bearings

Precision adjustment of CNC lathe(图1)

The accuracy of CNC lathes is mainly reflected in: spindle deflection.

The main shaft of the precision measuring instrument can be used to measure the accuracy of the main shaft, the roundness accuracy of the jumping turntable, adjust the accuracy by assembling the main shaft or truck head, adjust the position of the turntable assembly, adjust the gap between the feed screw and the screw, or replace the inlet give. The repeated positioning accuracy of the screw and bearing does not exceed.

1. Secondary machine tool adjustment to improve the machining accuracy of CNC lathes.

1. First, make mechanical adjustments to the CNC lathe and study how to improve the machining accuracy. These parts are mainly included in the adjustment of the machine tool. The main shaft, belt, etc. can make the lathe meet the requirements, improve the processing accuracy of the CNC lathe, and obtain better products in time during the real-time monitoring and continuous optimization and adjustment of the production process. This is the simplest and most convenient way to improve the machining accuracy of CNC lathes. This adjustment does not require good skills, but requires staff to make adjustments from time to time.

2. Improve mechanical and electrical seal adjustment. In order to improve the machining accuracy of parts, it is mainly due to reverse deviation, positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. In terms of anti-deviation, when the deviation is too large, it must be corrected by manual mechanical method first, and professional optimization can be carried out after the error is within a certain range. By adjusting the positioning accuracy, the error can be continuously optimized through the scope of the microscope. Among these adjustment methods, the optimal electromechanical coupling method is the most effective. This is troublesome, but it works better.

3. This is power regulation. This adjustment mainly includes two aspects. One is to adjust the parameters of the machine. From this point of view, there are two factors that affect machining accuracy: system gain and positioning. In the dead zone, in terms of system gain, attention must be paid to the mechanical damping and moment of inertia of the machine tool, which will affect the accuracy of the machine tool processing. It is also necessary to reduce the positioning dead zone, which also improves the accuracy of the lathe operation. These two aspects are complementary and must be adjusted at the same time. Another aspect is that it can be adjusted by applying some systems. Due to the increase in automation, CNC lathes will automatically carry out remote control during operation, so a series of real-time monitoring is required during the remote control process. Therefore, the program does not require manual intervention, so it can be monitored more effectively. This program can be used to monitor, adjust and control the machine tool to improve the machining accuracy of the machine tool.

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