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Problems with CNC vertical lathes

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No matter what kind of machine is used, problems will inevitably occur after long-term use. So, how to extend the service life of the turning composite CNC lathe parts and the wear life of the corresponding parts, prevent accidents and other problems, and make the small vertical CNC lathe have a longer service life?

In the maintenance process, different CNC vertical cars have their own requirements. In fact, this is explained in the rules for the use of CNC vertical cars. This also requires our operators to understand the rules of CNC vertical cars. Corresponding content, we also need to understand the structure and system of the CNC vertical car, and maintain it. Only in this way can the problems of CNC vertical lathes be reduced to a greater extent.

Turning and milling composite CNC lathe


Do a good job in the prevention of CNC vertical cars. Of course, the operators, maintenance personnel and management personnel of the CNC vertical car do their work together. In this way, the maintenance work of the CNC vertical car can be completed well. We put this problem in an important position to ensure that the CNC vertical car runs in a good environment to prevent problems.

Problems with CNC vertical lathes(图1)

1. Numerical control vertical car lubrication system: replace the lubricating oil once a month after the first use, and every three to six months. There is a drain plug under the fuel tank, which can use resources. When changing the oil, pay attention to clean the inside of the oil tank and the filter.

2. Before turning the composite CNC lathe, please calibrate the wheel balance. Choose the grinding wheel carefully according to the material and hardness of the workpiece. The end and edge of the spindle should be coated with a thin film of oil to prevent rust. Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the spindle. It is forbidden to use air to clean the work objects and machines. The vacuum tube should be kept clean, otherwise it will cause burning. Also pay attention to whether the oil passage of the oil window is smooth and clean.

3. Maintenance of CNC vertical car chuck: The surface of permanent magnet casting chuck or electromagnetic chuck is the benchmark of workpiece grinding accuracy and should be properly maintained. If the working accuracy is poor or the disc surface is damaged, the disc surface should be re-grinded. The accuracy of the disk surface meets the requirements of ensuring the accuracy of the work.

After the CNC vertical turning operation is completed, the parts, especially the sliding parts, are wiped and oiled. Remove debris from all parts. CNC vertical lathes do not rely on the skills of the operator, cutting speeds are fast, and can produce better and more consistent tools. Hard tool materials can also be used for CNC cutting. This kind of tool can guarantee higher cutting speed and better surface roughness. There are many coolant options for CNC vertical lathes. The use of high-pressure coolant can prevent the cutting edge from heating up, thereby ensuring higher cutting speeds and longer tool life.

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