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Reject empty talk, five steps to help you become a master of CNC machine programming

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Must be an excellent craftsman

CNC machine tools integrate drilling, milling, boring, reaming, tapping and other processes. The technical literacy requirements of technicians are very high. Numerical control program is a computer language that reflects the machining process. Technology is the foundation of programming. Knowing the technology cannot be called programming.

Machining engineers are experienced to some extent. Therefore, a lot of time must be spent on workers, such as dry lathes, milling machines, grinders, machining centers, etc., and then work out procedures in the office, estimate material consumption, and calculate quotas. Must be familiar with the performance of various machine tools and the skill level of the workshop master. After 2-3 years of practice, you can basically become a qualified craftsman.

After so long of study and accumulation, you should meet the following technical standards and requirements:

1. Familiar with the structure and process characteristics of drilling machines, milling machines, boring machines, grinders and planers.

2. Article 2. Familiar with the properties of processed materials.

Reject empty talk, five steps to help you become a master of CNC machine programming(图1)

three. Solid basic knowledge of tool theory, master the conventional cutting parameters of the tool, etc.

Chapter Four. Familiar with the company's process specifications, guidelines and general requirements of various process processing, can realize the process route of conventional parts. Reasonable material consumption and working hours quota, etc.

5. Collect a certain amount of information about cutting tools, machine tools and mechanical standards. Especially be familiar with the tool system of CNC machine tools.

6. Familiar with the selection and maintenance of coolant.

Chapter VII. Have general knowledge of related work. For example: casting, electrical processing, heat treatment, etc.

8. Good fixture foundation.

9. Understand the assembly and use requirements of machined parts.

10. It has a good foundation of measurement technology.


Proficient in CNC programming and computer software application

There are dozens of programming instructions, and various systems are similar. It usually takes 1 to 2 months to become familiar with it. The automatic programming software is a little more complicated, and you need to learn modeling. But it is not difficult for people with a good CAD foundation. In addition, if it is manual programming, the foundation of analytical geometry should also be good.

In practice, the criteria for good procedures are:

1. Easy to understand and methodical, all operators can understand.

2. Article 2. The fewer instructions in the program segment, the better, in order to achieve the purpose of simplicity, practicality and reliability. From a programming point of view, I think the commands are g00 and g01, and the others are auxiliary commands, which are convenient for programming.

three. Easy to adjust. When the machining accuracy of the parts needs to be fine-tuned, it is best not to change the program. For example, tool wear needs to be adjusted, as long as the length and radius of the tool offset table can be changed.

Chapter Four. Easy to operate. Programming should be based on the operating characteristics of the machine tool to facilitate observation, inspection, measurement, safety, etc. For example, if the same parts and the same processing content are processed in vertical and horizontal machining centers, the processing procedures are of course different.

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