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Reliability Management in the Manufacturing Phase of Inclined CNC Lathe

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The design of the inclined CNC machine tool lays the foundation for reliability, and the manufacturing guarantees the realization of reliability. Together, they determine the inherent reliability of the product when it leaves the factory. If there is no advanced technology and management measures to ensure the reliability of the product, if there is no advanced technology to ensure the reliability of the product, it will reduce the reliability of the product. The basic purpose of reliability management in the manufacturing stage is to grasp, evaluate and control the factors that affect reliability in the process of processing, assembly, handling, management and transportation, and to ensure that the reliability meets the design requirements

Enterprises should establish a complete quality and reliability assurance system, such as organizational structure, job responsibility system, quality records, etc., to ensure the realization of quality and reliability goals.

Review all technical documents and adopt advanced equipment and technology. Establish a strict inspection system for incoming materials and parts. Carry out quality evaluations on major outsourcing parts and suppliers of outsourcing parts, and establish an evaluation system and management methods.

Reliability Management in the Manufacturing Phase of Inclined CNC Lathe(图1)

Establish strict testing, inspection, screening, and debugging systems to ensure product quality and reliability. Complete reliability technical documents, including product technical standards, raw materials and purchased parts requirements, complete instrumentation, equipment installation and calibration procedures, inspection procedures, process quality assurance systems, operating procedures, etc.

Implement new processes and standardize processes to ensure high quality and high reliability of products. Establish a strict management system for tools, measuring tools, tooling fixtures, and testing instruments.

Strengthen the management of packaging, storage and transportation, and conduct strict training for employees. Only qualified personnel can work on the machine after theoretical and operational assessments.

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