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Repair and maintenance management of CNC machine tools

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A CNC machine tool is an automatic machine tool equipped with a control program, which has the characteristics of high precision, high speed and high efficiency. With the continuous updating of technical equipment in my country's manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools are rapidly becoming popular. In the actual application process, once the CNC machine tool fails, it will inevitably cause huge economic losses to related enterprises. Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen the fault repair and maintenance of CNC machine tools.

1 Significance and characteristics of fault maintenance of CNC machine tools

With the rapid development of electronic technology and automation technology, the application of numerical control technology is increasingly widespread. Numerical control equipment based on microprocessors and marked by large-scale and very large-scale integrated circuits has been widely used in the field of equipment manufacturing in my country. This aspect has created necessary conditions for the development of my country's machinery manufacturing industry; on the other hand, the technological advancement, structural complexity and high degree of intelligence of these numerical control equipment have also caused equipment failure maintenance to occur in theory, technology and means. Great progress.

Obviously, any numerical control equipment is a kind of process control equipment, which requires it to work accurately under control at any time during the working process. The CNC machine tool is a complex working system, any part of which fails, it will cause the machine tool to stop, leading to production halt.

Repair and maintenance management of CNC machine tools(图1)

Many enterprises in my country's equipment manufacturing industry often need to spend huge amounts of money to introduce CNC machine tools, and these equipment are also placed in key positions in the production process of the enterprise. After a failure occurs, once it cannot be repaired and eliminated in the first time, it will cause serious economic losses. In addition, my country's equipment manufacturing level and personnel quality are relatively low, and it is more important to strengthen the fault diagnosis of CNC machine tools.

2 Fault diagnosis and maintenance methods of CNC machine tools

CNC machine tools are technically complex mechatronics equipment, and the causes and types of failures are complex. This also brings many difficulties to the diagnosis and elimination of faults. Generally speaking, according to the components of the failure, it can be divided into host failure and electrical failure; according to the nature of the failure, it can be divided into systematic failure and random failure; according to the cause of the failure, it can be divided into external failure and internal failure; The location where the failure occurs can be divided into CNC device failure, servo system failure, spindle system failure, and tool rest, tool magazine, and workbench failure.

There are many models of CNC machine tools, and the cause of the failure is very complicated. Therefore, after the failure occurs, the following methods can be used for routine processing.

2.1 Investigate the fault site and grasp first-hand fault information

After the fault occurs, you cannot blindly handle it without knowing the cause of the fault, so as to avoid secondary damage. The correct approach is to check the fault record, ask the operator about the specific circumstances of the fault, and check the main fault when it is determined that there is no danger.

2.2 Analyze the cause of the failure and determine the inspection method

Under the condition of mastering the first-hand fault information, analyze the cause of the fault. Fault analysis can be carried out by combining induction and deduction, and then analyze the possible causes one by one, and determine the fault point after removing the incorrect cause.

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