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Skill handling after repairing and debugging of CNC machine tools

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After on-site maintenance, you should carefully fill in the maintenance records, list the necessary spare parts, establish user files, analyze and confirm the failure time and on-site diagnosis methods, select the troubleshooting methods, and assume that the title of the biography should be fully recorded, so that not only each one Fault C is checked, but maintenance experience can also be collected.

Skill handling after repairing and debugging of CNC machine tools(图1)

The above discussion on the maintenance technology of the CNC system is a summary of our experience in debugging and repairing the CNC system for nearly a hundred times. Of course, there are many types of CNC systems, faults are changeable, and maintenance methods are also different. It is difficult to elaborate in a short article, but we still hope to write some basic methods and ideas and communicate with us to guide us to pay attention to the maintenance skills of the CNC system. The direct purpose and result of maintenance technology is to restore the CNC system to normal operation, thereby ensuring production. Progressing well. In our country, CNC technology is rapidly penetrating into various industries. With the development of electronic technology, the status of CNC technology in the national economy will also be further improved. Therefore, CNC technology has some main components-the maintenance skills of the CNC system should also be agile habits, and the CNC technology can develop rapidly. As a technician of CNC system maintenance, we should continue to learn. Learn and master new common sense and skills, find new maintenance and diagnosis methods and methods, and make due contributions to promoting the development of CNC system maintenance skills.

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