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Suggestions and promotion skills for novice learners of inclined CNC lathes

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At present, there are three types of people who are just engaged in the operation of numerical control machine tools. One is the operator, who used to be a skilled worker, engaged in the operation of general manual machine tools or semi-automatic machine tools. They are very familiar with machining, but they are relatively unfamiliar with the programming of turning-milling CNC lathes, accounting for a large proportion; the other is a student who just graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering. They are familiar with machining theory, CNC machining and programming, but lack actual machining experience. One of the operators has never been exposed to machining and programming, so it is difficult for them to learn how to operate CNC machine tools. For these beginners, it is very important to master the operation skills of some CNC machine tools.

So, for novices, how do we improve ourselves quickly?

Suggestions and promotion skills for novice learners of inclined CNC lathes(图1)

On the one hand, it can avoid machine tool collision accidents and cause damage to the machine tool; on the other hand, it can quickly improve the operating skills of CNC machine tool operators in a short period of time, be competent for their jobs, and create economic benefits for the unit.

Today, especially for those who have just contacted CNC machine operators for CNC training, this article introduces some theoretical knowledge of CNC machine tool operating skills, mainly understanding CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool control, CNC machine tool program editing, etc., and from four aspects The processing skills are analyzed. Hope to have certain reference significance for those who have just engaged in the operation of CNC machine tools.

First of all, CNC lathe manufacturers need to have an understanding of the operation of CNC machine tools. Understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool: understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool; master the axis distribution of the machine tool; more firmly grasp the direction of the positive and negative axes of the CNC machine tool; master the functions and uses of the various parts of the machine tool, such as simple pneumatic system principles and functions, simple The working principle and function of the hydraulic system; in addition to mastering the working principle and function of each auxiliary unit of the machine tool, such as tool magazine, cooling, etc., you should also master the working principle, function and use method of the unit, voltage regulator, and electricity. Cabinet, cooler And other units, the working principle, function and use method of each door lock of the machine tool. Firmly grasp the function of the operation buttons of the machine tool: know how to execute the program; how to suspend the program and check the processing state of the workpiece; restore the suspended state and continue to execute the program; how to change the program and then execute it, etc.

Understand the operating system of the machine you are operating; briefly understand the control principle and working method of the CNC system; which working language the system uses, the software used by the machine tool, and the language used. If the operator does not understand the language or the language of professional vocabulary, professional training is required. During the training, you need to take notes carefully. What does each word in the machine tool software mean in Chinese? Remember to master it so that you can use the machine correctly in the future. In addition, operators also need to learn and master general operating alarm instructions during the training process, understand their Chinese meaning, how to solve problems, and how to eliminate false alarms. In addition, for the operator, if you have the strength and ability to allow it, you can learn and master this language, which is very helpful to improve the operation skills of the machine tool in the future.

Secondly, master the manual or automatic operation control of CNC machine tools, and skillfully control the axis movement of CNC machine tools. The operator recommends a good operating condition so that it can be opened and closed freely under any circumstances. Only in the event of a collision or failure, the operator can correctly and promptly deal with the problem, and form a conditioned response, and adopt a decisive braking method. In addition, the CNC machine tool operator should be very familiar with the processing program; what kind of technology and operation, what kind of action the machine tool should be, should be very familiar. When the machine tool executes the program, it can be known whether the machine tool's actions are correct and whether braking measures have been taken. In addition, every novice operator is more or less afraid of machine tool collisions, and collisions will occur when they start to operate the machine. Therefore, only operators who have mastered the operation skills of CNC machine tools can overcome these shortcomings.

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