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Suggestions and promotion skills for novice learners of inclined CNC lathes

Time:2021-03-24 Views:138

At present, there are three types of people who are just engaged in the operation of numerical control machine tools. One is the operator, who used to be a skilled worker, engaged in the operation of general manual machine tools or semi-automatic machine tools. They are very familiar with machining, but they are relatively unfamiliar with the programming of turning-milling CNC lathes, accounting for a large proportion; the other is a student who just graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering. They are familiar with machining theory, CNC machining and programming, but lack actual machining experience. One of the operators has never been exposed to machining and programming, so it is difficult for them to learn how to operate CNC machine tools. For these beginners, it is very important to master the operation skills of some CNC machine tools.

Suggestions and promotion skills for novice learners of inclined CNC lathes(图1)

So, for novices, how do we improve ourselves quickly?

On the one hand, it can avoid machine tool collision accidents and cause damage to the machine tool; on the other hand, it can quickly improve the operating skills of CNC machine tool operators in a short period of time, be competent for their jobs, and create economic benefits for the unit.

Today, especially for those who have just contacted CNC machine operators for CNC training, this article introduces some theoretical knowledge of CNC machine tool operating skills, mainly understanding CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool control, CNC machine tool program editing, etc., and from four aspects The processing skills are analyzed. Hope to have certain reference significance for those who have just engaged in the operation of CNC machine tools.

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