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Talking about the machine origin and machine reference point of CNC machine tools

Time:2021-08-17 Views:144

The machine origin (also known as machine zero) is a fixed point set on the machine, that is, the origin of the machine coordinate system. The machine tool has been adjusted during assembly and debugging. Normally, users are not allowed to make changes, so it is a fixed point.

The machine origin is also the reference point for CNC machining or displacement. Some CNC lathes set the machine origin at the center of the chuck, and some CNC lathes set the machine origin at the positive limit of the tool post displacement.

So what is the machine reference point? The so-called reference point, also known as the origin or zero point, is the point where the mechanical origin of the machine tool coincides with the electrical origin, and is the mechanical fixed point after the origin is restored. Each machine tool can have one reference origin, and can also set multiple reference origins for automatic tool change or automatic pallet change. The reference point is the original reference system of the workpiece coordinate system. After determining the machine reference point, establish the corresponding workpiece coordinate system. The so-called machine origin is the reference point of the machine basic coordinate system. Once the mechanical parts are assembled, the mechanical origin is established. The so-called electrical origin is the reference point established by the power grid signal or zero signal sent by the detection feedback element used by the machine tool. In order to make the electrical origin coincide with the mechanical origin, the distance between the electrical origin and the mechanical origin must be set by parameter setting the origin offset. This coincidence point is the machine reference point.

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