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Talking about the metal cutting machine tool and its development advantages

Time:2021-08-23 Views:297

A metal cutting machine tool is a machine that uses a cutting method to process metal blanks into machine parts. In the modern machinery manufacturing industry, cutting is the main processing method to process metal blanks into parts of a certain size, shape and precision by removing excess material. Since the beginning of this century, due to the emergence of new tool materials such as high-speed steel and cemented carbide, the continuous improvement of tool performance has prompted the development of machine tools in the direction of increasing spindle speed, increasing drive power and enhancing structural rigidity. At the same time, due to the great development of motors, gears, bearings, electrical and hydraulic technologies, the transmission, structure and control of machine tools have also been correspondingly improved, and the processing accuracy and productivity have been significantly improved. Metal cutting machine tools Get rapid development.

Talking about the metal cutting machine tool and its development advantages(图1)

In order to meet the increasingly broad application requirements of the machinery manufacturing industry, the development of machine tool varieties is also increasing day by day, for example, various high-efficiency automatic machine tools, copying machine tools, heavy-duty machine tools, precision machine tools, turning-milling compound machine tools, inclined bed CNC lathes, Machining centers and special processing CNC machine tools that meet the needs of processing special materials have come out one after another. The adoption of this highly automated and efficient equipment requires a large initial investment and a long production preparation time. However, under mass production conditions, because the cost allocated to each workpiece is small, the economic benefits are still Is very significant.


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