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Ten suggestions for the development of high-end CNC machine tools!

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After many years of machine tool research experience in our country, it can be preliminarily predicted that the mechanical structure of CNC machine tools will not change significantly in the next 10-20 years. This is the golden age of basic theoretical research.

As a comprehensive subject, machine tool basic research involves many fields such as machine tool structure, vibration control, temperature control, noise control, tool applications, numerical control systems, and dynamic control. At present, domestic enterprises are still relatively blank in this regard.

In addition, five-axis control technology, spindle system, feed system, numerical control system, electrical control, etc., have not yet mastered the key technologies in our country. The key is that companies have practical capabilities but no research capabilities, while governments and universities have research capabilities but no experimental capabilities. The degree of integration of the two is still at a very preliminary stage.

Ten suggestions for the development of high-end CNC machine tools!(图1)

2 Break through the core key technologies

In terms of internal structure, the core technology of high-end CNC machine tools should make breakthroughs in the following aspects

High-speed spindle system

High-speed feed system

Ultra high pressure cooling system

High-speed east-west milling spindle-B axis

Develop independent CNC system

3. Encourage the development of a number of characteristic enterprises

At present, traditional enterprises in the machine tool industry are generally in a downturn. Dalian Machine Tool, Shenyang Machine Tool and Yunnan CY are facing judicial reorganization. The bankruptcy of these enterprises is not only a loss of property, but also the loss of more than 20,000 industrial workers. This is also a big loss for the domestic machine tool industry. The bankruptcy of these enterprises is very detrimental to the competition of my country's machine tool industry facing the international machine tool industry. These leading companies in the machine tool industry are moving from glory to decline, and opinions differ. It is worth learning and avoiding repeating the same mistakes.

Featured enterprises such as Baoji Machine Tool, Nanjing Kenmad Machine Tool, Zhejiang Heideman, Wenling Juxin Machine Tool, Yantai Tyson, etc., adhere to their main business and maintain sustainable development with their own characteristics. The country also attaches importance to development and gives strong support.

4. The company clarifies its position and creates high-quality products

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, the machine tool industry proposed that the development of high-end CNC machine tools is the focus of its work. We must get rid of the expansion model and vigorously adjust the industrial structure. Small businesses focus on professions, while large companies focus on building high-quality brands to form industrial clusters and advantageous product clusters in subdivided fields. Now the products are diversified, thorough, breakthrough, high-end victory.

5. Comprehensively improve the level of corporate management

At present, China has first-class factories, but cannot produce first-class products. The main problem is that the management level is not ideal. It is recommended to advance target matching from six aspects: return on net assets, capital turnover rate, net profit rate per capita, income growth rate, sales income per capita, and product grade. At the technical level, we should study the target product index performance, structure, parameters, manufacturing process, etc.

6. Stable quality improvement, single unit

Subvert the traditional manufacturing process and realize total quality management;

Changing the batch manufacturing process to a small batch, short process, and highly integrated manufacturing line can achieve low inventory and fast output. For example, the "first-line" 

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