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The difference between CNC engraving and milling machine and CNC machining center

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  A savvy processor will take a lot of time to consider the loss caused by the preparation time of the machine tool and the human factor of the personnel. We will always remember not to remind them in this regard. What we should do is how to give them higher processing efficiency from the processing time of the machine tool, and possibly reduce their grinding time. Even zero polishing. The debut of high-speed cutting equipment was an event that made the processor's heart beat. Don’t think about its expensive cost (about 1.5 million). In terms of use alone, I think it must be the old saying: for some people it is a piece of fragrant meat, and for others it is a highly toxic poison. , The Japanese and Europeans spare no effort to promote the benefits of high-speed cutting and let people use their equipment. Of course there are some impractical methods. Practical experience in the CNC machine tool industry within 8 years told me that their cost should be around 600,000 to 700,000. Such a high profit margin allows me to see their essence. The gross profit of domestic CNC machine tools should be between (30~40%). This is a reasonable and upright profit. If you are willing to maintain their high profits, I think it is impossible to make more money at the same time. We must also consider after-sales service and so on. I can't believe their service can solve all problems within 1~2 days. Because our existing technology can't realize "solid fax".

   From the perspective of revitalizing the national industry, the development of domestic machine tool factories should be supported. The essence of high-speed cutting is to complete the walking length of the tool in a short time. Everybody knows

The difference between CNC engraving and milling machine and CNC machining center(图1)

   distance = speed × time

  The description of the tool has been fixed by the country's cutting method. If it is longer, it means that the unprofitable increase in speed is equivalent to shortening the time.

High-speed cutting is not necessarily good due to the limitations of the current machine tool’s own spindle and the used tools. The current general practice in foreign countries is that the first machine does not use high-speed cutting, and the second or third machine can be considered This equipment.

   Examples of successful practices:

  One copy milling machine can complete most of the cutting volume (heavy cutting), leaving a machining allowance of 2~3mm. The remaining cutting volume can be completed quickly on a high-speed machine tool. This has many advantages:

  1)--There are many heavy-cutting machine tools, and the processing cost is very low

  2)---large processing volume, low precision requirements, easy to achieve

  3)-cheap knives

  4)--After switching to high-speed cutting, the cutting amount of the first cut is very uniform because the object to be processed is close to forming

  5)-fast and accurate forming

  6)-avoid too much polishing, accurate matching size

  7)--Although the tool is expensive, the time is short, the cutting volume is not large, and the performance-to-price ratio is very good

  8)-Many subtle points, such as small angle conduction, etc., can be processed in one step without the help of electric sparks.

  9)-excellent surface finish (mirror effect)

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