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The engineer pre-reviews the drawing files and troubleshoots the problem

Time:2021-09-14 Views:294

Since most of the products of R&D companies are non-standard parts, most of the parts processing manufacturers are customized according to the drawings, and process the parts according to the 2D and 3D drawings provided by the customers. As an experienced parts processing factory, Zhuan Xin Precision often encounters some problems, such as conflicts between customer drawings and data or the 2D drawings provided are inconsistent with the 3D drawings? If the manufacturer does not notice, who will be responsible after the parts are processed? This makes suppliers and customers very difficult.

Designers need to design a lot of drawings every day. Sometimes it is normal for the size to be incorrectly marked or to forget to check the drawings again. The manufacturer only needs one action to avoid such problems.

The engineer pre-reviews the drawing files and troubleshoots the problem(图1)

There are a total of 10 experienced engineers, of which two engineers are responsible for reviewing and drawing drawings. Before processing, each project will be pre-reviewed by the engineers to confirm the correctness of the drawings before arranging processing; if there is interference or inconsistency in the drawings The situation will be put forward as soon as possible, and the sales staff will confirm with the customer, and then proceed to the next step after the customer confirms, avoiding the problem of the drawing that affects the progress of subsequent products or even the progress of the customer's entire project. Let customers feel more at ease!

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