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The importance of anti-rust measures for multifunctional CNC woodworking lathes

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Multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe is a widely used wood processing machine, and it is also the embodiment of the application of CNC technology on woodworking lathes. The wood product processing of the multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe has been automated, making the production process more efficient and faster. However, pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the lathe during use, and don't let the multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe be rusted due to negligence. So how should the anti-rust work of the multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe be done well? The following editor will introduce it.

The importance of anti-rust measures for multifunctional CNC woodworking lathes(图1)

1. The surface treatment process of multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe, and the quality of anti-rust paint application is largely determined by the cleaning degree of the equipment surface. If there are dimples, solder joints, and stripes on the original surface of the equipment, this will be after the anti-rust paint is applied. , It will cause some swelling and falling spots. As the saying goes, the dike of a thousand miles collapses in the ant nest, and some small spots will gradually extend to other paint layers, reducing the service life of the anti-rust paint. In order to treat the metal surface well, it must go through degreasing, hot and cold water washing, acid water washing, phosphating washing, etc., and after drying, the adhesion of the anti-rust coating to the metal surface will increase several times. Among them, the two chemical treatments of degreasing and phosphating are very important and should not be omitted privately.

2. Multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe painting process. Now to paint the surface of equipment, many companies use air spray technology. Although there are some limitations in the use of advanced technology, it can already be applied in some aspects. For example, some large state-owned enterprises have formed With a special spraying line and process operation, it can enter the next treatment link before the paint film is dry.

3. Multifunctional CNC woodworking lathe coating process management. Quality inspection is an important process before the equipment leaves the factory. The quality control and measurement methods developed in the management process mainly use radiographic detectors to inspect the coating to prevent unqualified coatings from leaving the factory. , Affect the corporate image.

Making good use of woodworking machinery and equipment and improving equipment management are of great significance to promote the progress and development of enterprises.

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