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The importance of turning-milling composite CNC lathe

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In our daily life and work, we can often see that complex turning-milling composite CNC lathes have been used more and more widely, and they are playing an increasingly important role in our work. For precision parts and marking parts, the use of CNC lathes is of great significance. Through this method, mass production and processing can be realized, and the precision requirements of the processed parts can be met. Today, we share with you why the turning-milling composite CNC lathe has become more and more important?

1. Improve work efficiency

Turning and milling composite CNC lathe

The turning-milling composite CNC lathe is becoming more and more important because the work efficiency is greatly improved in the production process, because the use of the CNC lathe can be used for processing and continuous production, and can make the error within the minimum range, which is suitable for the processing of various precision instruments Production, improve the accuracy of the instrument and the standardization of production.

The importance of turning-milling composite CNC lathe(图1)

2. Provide online test

In addition to the machining process, CNC lathes can also provide online inspection, which can detect some unqualified or irregular parts, which greatly improves work efficiency. Therefore, CNC lathes are playing an increasingly important role in the production workshop, providing consumers with practical advantages and benefits, improving work efficiency and saving resources.

3. Security and stability

It has very powerful functions during use, and its safety and stability have always been a good guarantee. During the operation, the operator or personnel reduces the risk and does not have to worry about safety issues. Moreover, the overall cost of the CNC lathe is very high. As long as simple maintenance, the service life of the machine tool can be increased. Therefore, the overall cost performance of the CNC lathe is very high.

To sum up, the wide application of turning-milling composite CNC lathes can not only avoid some work on books, but also allow one person to control multiple machines at the same time, which greatly reduces labor costs and improves work efficiency. Therefore, Shengyi CNC recommends that you choose a standard turning-milling composite CNC lathe.

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