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The lead time for parts processing is too long, which affects the project schedule?

Time:2021-09-14 Views:163

For all parts processing engineers or purchasers, the manufacturer’s delivery date and shipment rate are of great concern to them. Because the parts processing project can be delivered on time, it has a great indirect impact on the development and listing of the parts.

Zhuanxin Precision will hold a production meeting at 9 am every day. The supervisors and business merchandisers of various departments will discuss the items to be shipped on the same day and in the near future, and propose and implement solutions for some urgent projects to ensure that every An item can be delivered on time.

The lead time for parts processing is too long, which affects the project schedule?(图1)

In addition to regular meetings to discuss project problems and propose solutions, to ensure the delivery of parts processing, complete processing equipment and diversified processing techniques are also required.

Zhuanxin Precision has provided 10-1000 parts processing services for Shanghai ABB, Qingdao Hisense and other well-known domestic and foreign research and development companies for a long time, and knows the importance of delivery time to customers' products. In terms of processing equipment and processing technology, it can meet the needs of different products of customers. It is processed by imported machines with an accuracy of 0.01mm. There are 16 high-speed CNC machining centers, complete turning and milling equipment, and a total of 28 processing technologies. Can make suitable technology for the product, shorten the processing cycle!


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