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The new high-power wall washer is favored by the industry with its "professional optical system"

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  The high-power wall washer is controlled by the built-in microchip. In small engineering applications, it can be used without a controller. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradation, random flashing, jumping, color flashing, and gradual alternation. It can also be controlled by DMX , To achieve the chase. Scan equivalent. Because the high-power wall washer can achieve this effect, it has been widely used in single buildings and billboard lighting in 2013. Exterior lighting of historical buildings. Green landscape lighting, interior and exterior light penetration lighting in the building, and indoor local lighting. Lighting for specialized facilities such as medical treatment and culture. Atmosphere lighting in bars, dance halls and other entertainment venues.

    Protection level This is an important parameter of Yueyao's high-power wall washer, and it is also an important indicator that affects the quality of the current guardrail tube. We have to make strict requirements. When we use it outdoors, it is best to require the waterproof level to be above IP65. It is also required to have relevant pressure resistance, chipping resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame resistance, impact resistance and aging grade IP65, 6 means completely preventing dust from entering; 5 means: washing with water without any harm.

The new high-power wall washer is favored by the industry with its "professional optical system"(图1)

 There are currently two control methods for high-power wall washer: internal control and external control. Internal control means that there is no external controller. The designer designs the control system in the wall lamp, and the degree of effect cannot be changed. The external control is an external controller, and its effect can be changed by adjusting the buttons of the main control. Usually in large-scale projects, customers can change the effect by themselves. We all use external control solutions. There are also many wall washers that directly support DMX512 control systems.

    Because high-power wall washer lights are usually used outdoors more, this parameter is more important, and the temperature requirements are relatively high. Generally, the outdoor temperature we require can work at -40+60. But the high-power wall washer is made of aluminum shell with better heat dissipation, so the general high-power wall washer can meet the requirements.

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