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There is no need to panic when economical CNC lathes fail

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Economical CNC lathe is a simple CNC lathe with low cost, poor automation and functions, and low turning precision. It is suitable for turning parts with low requirements.

The factory environment of economical CNC lathes should not be higher than 40 degrees. The interior of the factory should be equipped with air-conditioning, cooler or fan and other electrical appliances to keep the factory ventilated. If the temperature is too high, it will affect the life of other components. Many failures have occurred.

Place economical CNC lathes away from fire and vibration sources, and avoid long-term refraction of sunlight to avoid being affected by ultraviolet rays. The environment should be kept dry and ventilated. Do not work in a humid environment. Otherwise, the wires and plugs of the high-precision CNC lathes will be wet, resulting in leakage and safety hazards.

There is no need to panic when economical CNC lathes fail(图1)

The program of economical CNC lathes ends, and the tool does not return to the zero point. Generally, the reason for this phenomenon is mainly caused by the failure of the control system. The tool is required to run at low speed during feed or processing. At this time, the stepper motor runs at a low speed and uses low-voltage power supply. When the program returns to the zero point, it requires rapid return. At this time, the stepper motor is required to run at high speed and adopts high-voltage drive power. , Increase the output torque and ensure normal return to zero.

There is a switching transistor that controls the output of the high-voltage driving power supply. When the switching transistor is damaged, the high-voltage power supply cannot be turned on when returning to zero at high speed, and the output torque of the stepping motor is not enough, causing the return to zero and the tool can not return to the original point. A fault can be eliminated by replacing the switching transistor.

Economical CNC lathe arranging tool post is not easy to malfunction; common faults of electric tool post: the tool post cannot find the desired tool position during the tool change process, the tool position cannot be locked, and the positioning accuracy error occurs.

Economical CNC lathes are more complex mechanical-electrical integrated equipment, so when a failure occurs, a comprehensive analysis must be made from the mechanical structure and electrical control of the machine tool. The stepper motor operates normally at low speed, and the stepper motor loses steps at high speed. This phenomenon may be caused by the reduction of the drive power supply voltage, which reduces the output torque of the stepper motor. Therefore, we should focus on the drive power supply part. When the high-voltage start transistor is damaged, the high-voltage power supply cannot be turned on, which reduces the output torque of the stepping motor at high speed, causing lost steps. It may also be caused by a mechanical failure.

Therefore, in the case of unsuccessful inspection of the above components, the lead screw, nut, slide, stepper motor reducer and other parts should also be checked. When the parts are bent, deformed, or stuck with foreign objects, the running resistance will increase. When running at a low speed, the phenomenon is not obvious, but when running at a high speed, the running resistance cannot be completely overcome, resulting in lost steps.


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