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Timing maintenance of turning-milling composite CNC lathes is also very important

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The CNC lathe is a high-precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. The machine tool is equipped with a multi-station turntable or a power turntable with a wide range of processing performance. It can process complex workpieces such as straight cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs, various threads, grooves, worms, etc. It has various compensation functions such as straight insertion and arc insertion, and exerts good economic benefits in the mass production of complex parts. The maintenance of the inclined bed CNC lathe is analyzed as follows:


In order to ensure the working accuracy of the machine tool and prolong the service life of the machine tool, it is necessary to carry out reasonable maintenance on the machine tool. The maintenance quality of the lathe directly affects the processing quality and production efficiency of the workpiece. Taiwan Taiyu precision CNC lathe runs for 500 hours and requires first-level maintenance. The maintenance work of the inclined bed CNC lathe is mainly carried out by the operator with the cooperation of the maintenance personnel. When overhauling, first cut off the electrical probe, and then perform overhaul according to the overhaul content and requirements.


In order to determine the process requirements of typical parts and workpieces to be processed, it is proposed that the function of CNC lathes is an early preparation. The premise of a reasonable selection of CNC lathes is to meet the process requirements of typical parts.


 Timing maintenance of turning-milling composite CNC lathes is also very important(图1)




The process requirements of typical parts are mainly the structural size, processing range and accuracy requirements of the parts. The control accuracy of the CNC lathe is selected according to the accuracy requirements, that is, the dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece. Reliability is the guarantee for improving product quality and production efficiency. The reliability of a CNC machine tool means that the machine tool can work stably and trouble-free for a long time when it is running under specified conditions. In other words, the mean time between failures is long, and even if there is a failure, it can be restored and put back into use in a short time. Choose machine tools with reasonable structure, excellent manufacturing, and mass production. Generally speaking, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.


Machine tool accessories and cutting tools: machine tool accessories, spare parts and their supply capacity. Cutting tools are very important to CNC lathes and turning centers that have been put into production. When choosing a machine tool, the matching of tools and accessories must be carefully considered. Generally speaking, the manufacturer chooses the products of the same manufacturer, at least the control system of the same manufacturer, which brings great convenience to the maintenance work. Teaching units, because students need to be knowledgeable, it is a wise choice to choose different systems and be equipped with various simulation software. Performance-price ratio selection: Don't idle or waste functions and precision, and don't choose functions that have nothing to do with your needs. Machine tool protection: When necessary, the machine tool can be equipped with a fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protection device and an automatic chip removal device. When choosing a CNC lathe and a turning center, the above principles should be considered comprehensively.

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