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Turning and milling composite CNC machine tools need to have their own strategic laws

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The turning-milling composite CNC machine tool is a high-precision and high-efficiency automatic machine tool. The machine tool is equipped with a multi-station tool post or electric tool post with a wide range of processing performance. It can process complex workpieces such as straight cylinders, oblique cylinders, arcs, various threads, grooves, and worms. It has multiple compensation functions of linear interpolation and circular interpolation, and has good economic benefits in the mass production of complex parts.


At present, my country's machine tool industry has experienced a sharp decline due to the global economic downturn and the adjustment of domestic industrial policies. The machine tool industry develops from low to high. Continued strong domestic demand in the low-end market has slowed down the industry's growth rate to a certain extent. The automated instrument car industry has not yet shaken off the development model characterized by scale expansion. Despite the large scale of our industry, our product structure is still at the low end of the global industrial chain.

 Turning and milling composite CNC machine tools need to have their own strategic laws(图1)

The CNC instrument lathe of the CNC automatic lathe manufacturer is actually a branch of the CNC lathe. The major feature of CNC instrument lathes is that they mainly use spring chucks to clamp workpieces. This method is particularly suitable for clamping small batches of workpieces. Only one push handle is required to complete the clamping of the workpiece. The clamping speed is less than one-third of that of a manual chuck (three movements are required to clamp a workpiece with a manual chuck), and it is even faster than a hydraulic chuck. A skilled worker can usually operate 2-3 machine tools at the same time. At the Zhuji shop, Lao Jin once saw that one worker can operate four CNC instrument lathes at the same time to process a 35-second workpiece. Seeing the workers flying around between the machine tools like butterflies, Lao Jin was stunned with a stopwatch in his hand. Of course, CNC instrument lathes can also use manual chucks and hydraulic chucks to clamp the workpiece, which should be an option.

1. In addition to the CNC spring clamping head 1, the workpiece can also be clamped by the hydraulic clamping head 1.


2. For short rods, the spring chuck must be set on the spring bottom plate, which can not only be directly installed in place, but also be automatically ejected after processing.


3. In order to mass produce long rods with a diameter of less than 20mm, an automatic long material feeding system needs to be added, which greatly improves work efficiency. According to the artifact.


4. When mass production of workpieces, short material automatic feeding can be used, and an automatic feeding system should be installed as much as possible.


5. The tool holder can be used to hold tools. The tool post can avoid repeated positioning errors and failure rates of the electric tool post.


6. If you want to increase the number of clamping tools, you can use electric tool holders and racks. Our term is called electric dual purpose.


Industrial CNC automatic lathes. Automatic lathe companies must have their own strategic plans, and they must also have development goals using strategies. They can not lose their direction and develop blindly, and they can better seize opportunities and achieve sustainable development. Secondly, if automated lathe companies want to stand in the long-term development, they must stand at the forefront of technology, form their own characteristics, and have core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Only in this way can automatic lathes be competitive.

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