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Turning and milling compound CNC machine tool machining center technology

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The turning-milling compound CNC machine tool is a typical high-precision, high-efficiency, high-rigidity, high-automation, and high-flexibility milling-turning compound center. The turning-milling compound CNC lathe is an advanced compound machine tool consisting of a five-axis linkage milling machining center and a double-spindle lathe. It provides a better solution for processing small parts with high precision, high quality and high complexity.

With the rapid development of world science and technology, many products are developing in the direction of precision, miniaturization and light weight. Many small precision CNC machine tools often need to meet the needs of users. In the current Chinese machine tool products, there is still a lack of such precision CNC machine tools. In addition to being widely used in light industry fields such as watch industry, medical equipment, auto parts manufacturing, etc., it can also be used in aerospace, weapons, ships and other defense and military fields to process many precision special parts, such as flight control gyroscopes, air-to-air missile inertial navigation The zero position machine is a high-quality machine tool suitable for small precision and complex parts on the market.

Turning and milling compound CNC machine tool machining center technology(图1)

The turning-milling composite machining center has no special requirements for the machine tool, but it must provide at least one Y-axis movement. The rotation of the workpiece provides c-axis motion for the milling cutter to transmit the required feed speed (power). However, the cutting speed of the workpiece is measured with IPM rather than the SPM of the lathe (this means that the cutting speed of the workpiece in the turning-milling machining center is much lower than the cutting speed during turning). However, the movement of the y-axis is necessary because the milling cutter has to do a lot of eccentric machining. Moreover, when the tool is eccentric, it cannot be machined to the required part size, because when the tool is in the center, the center of the tool intersects the center of rotation of the part, so the tool can only be cut with its end face (that is, it cannot be cut), but cannot be cut. Edge cutting. In order to ensure that the cutting edge can cut correctly, the tool center line must be offset from the part rotation center line to 1/4 of the tool diameter.

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