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Use knowledge of CNC turning and milling machine

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1. It can precisely cut copper, iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and some non-metallic materials.

2. The body is made of high-quality cast iron, which is cast by intensive drying. The overall layout is reasonable and the design is perfect, so that the machining of the machine is rough and precise, and the machining accuracy remains stable for a long time.

3. The headstock, the bed and the trailer form a whole. The machine tool has reasonable force, small deformation, and twice the rigidity of ordinary machine tools. Tilt 45 degrees again, so that waste oil, cooling oil mist/cutting fluid generated during processing can fall off the chassis at will. The base of the machine tool protrudes from the steps to form a maze of fine water mist flow to prevent the coolant from flowing up and down.

4. The main shaft has a large torsion, the screw pre-tightening force is assembled, and the machine tool starts smoothly during cold and hot temperatures. Linear guide accessories: pressure block and taper method, anti-collision. High-power servo main motor, high-speed and stable, high-rigidity turning, tapping, and drilling; the spindle and servo motor are driven synchronously, and the servo motor is used as positioning, which can make the spindle position at any angle of 360 degrees.

Use knowledge of CNC turning and milling machine(图1)

5. Adopting power head and pneumatic braking device, it can realize the functions of turning, milling, drilling, sawing and so on. The turning and milling compound machine tool can complete the processing tasks of complex parts at one time. It can arbitrarily process internal and external circles, tapered surfaces, clockwise arcs, spherical surfaces, internal and external metric and inch threads. It can process spiral groove, milling, rigid tapping, side tapping, end tapping, etc. Its performance is better than other products.

6. The hydraulic device automatically feeds, clamps, and feeds materials to achieve a half-cycle work, which greatly improves work efficiency.

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