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What is power turret CNC

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The power turret gradually evolved from a turning tool machine (usually translated as a lathe). A lathe is a machine tool that fixes a workpiece on a rotating spindle. Usually used for the processing of cylindrical workpieces. Ordinary lathes are equipped with a variety of special tools, which can complete internal and external circles, drilling, turning threads, cutting grooves, end face processing, turning circles, drilling center holes, turning holes, reaming, turning cones, turning forming surfaces, knurling, and rolling Spring and other processing procedures.

Take Taiwan as an example: In the 1960s, Taiwan changed from an agricultural society to an industrial society, with rapid economic growth and export-oriented. During this period, according to the processing needs of various industries, dozens of special types of lathes were derived. At that time, ordinary lathes (family as working mothers) played a very important role. Because they belong to ordinary lathes, the processing range is very large as long as they are operated. It is a machine with superb technology, high precision and never eliminated. When developing into a hexagonal lathe (also known as a turret lathe), the difference between a hexagonal lathe and an ordinary lathe was that it changed the traditional tool placement method. It is replaced by a tool holder that can hold six tools and use the rotating tool position to change the tools. Therefore, the name of the turret has been given. As the tool change time is greatly shortened and the number of tools is relatively increased, it is very suitable for mass production. This lathe has become a general-purpose machine tool later. The form of the tool post, as the predecessor of the lathe C, has become very diverse.

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On the other hand, the special lathe "automatic lathe" is also designed for mass production. This turret is mainly composed of a series of tool rests. Through the cycle control of the processing sequence, coupled with the feeding mechanism and unloading mechanism of a simple locomotive, it can run for a long time without manpower, which is very suitable for small parts. In the past 10 years, the emergence of compound processing machines has combined the advantages of lathes and comprehensive processing machines. On the one hand, mechanical errors caused by two or more clampings can be eliminated. On the other hand, due to the variety of processing methods, the "power turret" (also known as drive turret) plays an important role in processing. The power tool post is a modern new machine tool with its own power source. It can independently operate the tool to complete the main movement and feed movement of the tool post, such as milling, drilling, boring, etc. This processing method has its own special purpose The machine tool can also be said to be a multi-machine machine in one. The difference between special types and general types is not as obvious as before. The powerful CNC controller can realize the single-machine completion technology, especially the products at this stage are mainly a small amount of diversification, who can effectively grasp the delivery date is to grasp the first opportunity, so it is replaced by the modular design trend, and according to the industry The different characteristics of development Z. ui is suitable for lathes, which can reduce the purchase cost of various machine tools, improve production efficiency, and provide favorable conditions such as complex processing technology has become the mainstream of today's machine tools.

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