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What kind of material is usually used for led floor tile lights

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The led floor tile lamp has aluminum, aluminum alloy, iron, ABS, plastic, acrylic, glass and so on. Generally speaking, aluminum is better. The aluminum substrate of the led bulb is a metal base copper clad laminate with good heat dissipation function. Generally, a single panel consists of a three-layer structure, namely a circuit layer (copper foil), an insulating layer and a metal base layer. There are also double panels for high-end applications, with the structure of circuit layer, insulating layer, aluminum base layer, insulating layer, and circuit layer. Rarely use multi-layer boards, ordinary multi-layer boards, insulating layers, and aluminum substrates can be used. The LED aluminum substrate is PCB, which also means printed circuit board, but the material of the circuit board is aluminum alloy. In the past, the material of ordinary circuit board was glass fiber, but because the LED heats up, the circuit board for the LED lamp is generally an aluminum substrate. The heat conduction is fast, and the circuit boards for other equipment or electrical appliances are glass fiber boards.

What kind of material is usually used for led floor tile lights(图1)

The LED floor tile light source uses high-quality super bright LED light-emitting diodes, low power consumption (4-10W per tile), long service life (theoretical value of the LED service life is about 10,000 hours), impact resistance, and high reliability. The led floor tile lights with the lumen led special controller can realize various dynamic effects such as color jumping, gradual change, chasing, water flow, expansion, compression, etc. It can also be combined and arranged into a certain dynamic graph or made into a dynamic display screen according to customer requirements, real-time Display computer synchronized images or pre-arranged images.

The led floor tile lamp material is made of imported high-strength artificial stone or steel flower glass material, with hard surface and natural color. Applications of led floor tile lights: large real estate plaza floors, park plaza floors, sidewalk floors, architectural lighting, curtain wall decoration, residential areas, commercial plaza lighting, bridges, highways, signs of cultural landscape, tourist attractions decoration, bars, KTV and other entertainment venues decorate.

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